Movie project | Nursing homework help


Students will be asked to watch a movie: Outbreak and Contagion write your assignment using the following points:

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Movie project | Nursing homework help
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· Provide a brief overview of the movie, describe the setting, what issues does it raise? 

· What do you see as the main purpose of the film?


· How did the disease originate in humans and what was the disease agent?

· What were the symptoms and how was it transmitted? Describe the six links in the chain of infection.

· What type of epidemic was it? What steps in the ten-step process to investigate epidemics were described?  What steps were missing?

· Discuss the descriptive epidemiology of the disease including person, place, and time. 

· How did the epidemic affect the public? Was it highly pathogenic or virulent? 


· Relate the film to class discussions, readings, notes or knowledge. Is the movie accurate and realistic? Does it contradict or support anything you have learned? 

· Summarize briefly emphasizing the strengths and weaknesses of the movie. 

· Make sure you have an engaging conclusion that summarizes the evidence and connects to the thesis and body. 


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