Mpm210-1402a-10 introduction to project management

Each learner will need to research and identify a project of their choosing to be the representative project for this course. The project identified by the learner will be applied for all of the assignments as appropriate. Ideally, this would be a workplace project, but if this is not possible, an alternative might be a project for a professional or charitable organization, or something similar.

As you brainstorm the project, you begin to think about selecting the members of your team and the expertise that will be needed to successfully manage the project. Review the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide. Using the guide, outline the key components related to areas of expertise that are important and necessary to this project.

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Mpm210-1402a-10 introduction to project management
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Include the following information in your overall analysis:
•Before project planning begins, a project must be formally initiated. Describe the project management processes required to initiate a project and the outputs produced from these processes.
•Describe the role of the project sponsor in the initiation process.
•Over the course of the session, you will be required to develop portions of a project plan, building up to the submission of your project plan in the P5IP. To prepare for this, describe the purpose, objectives, success criteria, and high-level requirements of your proposed project that you would include in a Project Charter for your instructor to review and approve.
•Identify the key stakeholders of your project. State how they might positively impact or negatively impact the project and what benefits they might receive from the project.


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