Multicultural curriculum/program development project due

Students are required to write a research paper, which informs multicultural curriculum/program development AND its capacity to bring about true inclusivity for a diverse group of children. This can be generated for a variety of settings (classroom, afterschool program, children’s hospital, daycare center) across different youth stages (early childhood, adolescence) of development.

 For this paper, you will need to describe how the following factors are manifested and/or addressed in the work you are proposing: Identity; Bias; Social Justice; Stereotype Threat; Parent Communication. This research paper will be between 6-7 typed pages, using references and citations in APA format.  A minimum of seven references published after 2006 are required. SLO I, II, III, IV 

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Multicultural curriculum/program development project due
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 Thesis Statement:  To successfully support your paper, it is essential to state its purpose and attitude at the beginning through a thesis statement usually placed at the end of the introduction.  A thesis includes a statement of what the paper is about (subject) and shapes the reader’s understanding of that topic by stating your opinion in capsule form (attitude/opinion) 

 introductory Paragraph: The first/introductory paragraph should set a firm foundation for the rest of the paper, proving a broad overview of the topic and the thesis statement.  

 Curriculum Assertions vs. Analysis:  You need to develop your analysis throughout the paper in every paragraph.  You need to build your argument—the vision/interpretation that you are proposing—step by step. You need to consider how people might respond to your statements and answer their responses in the development of your ideas.  It may help to think of a paragraph as a mini-paper: It should begin with a topic sentence that establishes the purpose of the paragraph, the sentences should logically build upon each other to create a coherent idea, and the paragraph should end with a sentence that summarizes and finalizes the point of the paragraph.  

 Conclusion:  The paper should end with a conclusion that draws together your points into a coherent whole.  The conclusion should bring your points together and indicate to your reader the significance of the argument that you have been developing.  


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