Mysql database | Information Systems homework help

Consider this scenario: you are helping a friend start a small business and he/she is considering using MySQL for the backend customer database.  They doesn’t know very much about it, though, so to help them out, conduct research in the book and/or on the Internet and create a presentation that outlines the limitations of using MySQL on the Windows platform. Include any necessary background information on MySQL. Your presentation should have a minimum of 10 slides, not including title, “Any Questions?” or references slides.  You can show examples as images if that will give you enough material, but that should not be more than a 3 of the 10 required slides . You should include at least two additional sources about MySQL (in addition to the textbook and references sites above). Keep within the basic rules for presentations (not too much on a slide, but enough to get a point across). 

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Mysql database | Information Systems homework help
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