Need 3 different job analysis interview checklists for creating new

As a Human Resources Manager of a medium size company, you and your staff have been given the task of creating job descriptions for all the positions in your company (there are 100 different positions). You are the expert in this area and must quickly come up with a job analysis interview that will be used during the analysis process. Create interviewing checklists that your staff can use to ensure that all pertinent data is collected. You will need to create more than one type of checklist as you will need to talk to the person in the position, their supervisor, and a subject matter expert in that position. The checklist should be designed in a way that your team can use it for at least 85% of the jobs in your company.


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Need 3 different job analysis interview checklists for creating new
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You should use Microsoft Word to complete this assignment. You will have three different checklists, but they should all be submitted as one file. The list should allow an area for responses and should have at least 10 questions per checklist (you may find you need more). 


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