Need a paper done for my social work class due by 11/29/2018


1.  Clearly describe the social problem/concern you will be addressing

  • How is the problem defined?
  • What are other ways to frame and define the problem?
  • Provide evidence to support the extent of this problem in the United States.
  • Compare this social problem to its expression in one other country.

2.  How has the U.S. responded to this problem in the past?3. What is the primary piece of legislation that provides federal and   state funding to address this problem?4. What is the program that reflects the intent of the policy?  

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Need a paper done for my social work class due by 11/29/2018
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  • Identify and discuss the goals of this program

5.  How are the services organized and delivered?6.  How is eligibility determined? 7. What evidence exists that the Policy/Program has been effective in  achieving the stated social welfare goals?8. Based on what you have learned describe your innovative  Policy/Program Proposal to effectively respond to the needs of this population.

  • Name of your policy / program
  • Funding Source
  • How is it organized and delivered?
  • How will you evaluate your program?

Summary and Conclusions  

Here are the key things to keep in mind regarding your POLICY ANALYSIS/PROPOSAL Assignment:

  • You must incorporate the findings from at least three (3) outside sources of original academic research in this essay.   Wikipedia is not an academic source.  


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