,need a papper written with this criteria due today

professional settings.

Begin by reflecting on the benefits and drawbacks of accepting advice from stories told by previous generations (i.e. “I did that with my kids and they turned out just fine.”).  For example, you may have heard a grandparent suggest that you put a bit of whiskey on an infant’s gums to help with teething. Describe your own thoughts about anecdotal advice such as this and explain why it may be true in some cases, but not in others

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,need a papper written with this criteria due today
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  1. Why is it important to utilize developmental theory to explain children’s development?
  2. Identify and briefly describe the key points of one of the major developmental theories and why you feel that theory is applicable to child and/or adolescent development.
  3. What makes scholarly research different from anecdotal evidence (personal experience) in explaining child and adolescent development?  [Hint: Consider the methodology of the article you are reading.]
  4. Finally, demonstrate the value of continued learning with a concluding reflection on why we should incorporate both personal experience aYou are required to utilize at least one (1) additional scholarly source not from this week’s required readings (including, but not limited to, the multimedia in the recommended resources for Week 1).  You must cite all of your sources (including the video embedded above) in proper APA stylend scholarly research or theory to help support any statements made in this class or any other professional setting.


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