Need help with a human service management paper

Read Brody (2005) Chapter 1: “Leading the Organization”

Describe in some detail the management setting you intend to use as your focus. Be sure to give me enough information so I can understand the situation well. I will need to know (1) function of the organization (2) its size (3) your position (4) some of the expectations of your position, especially the nature of your supervisory responsibilities (5) how many people you supervise and the nature of their work (6) anything else you would like to share that will help me understand the situation.

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Need help with a human service management paper
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Complete the following written assignment based on your own evaluation of yourself as a leader.

  1. What is your predominant style (delegative, directive, participative) of leadership? Are there clear benefits from using this style? Are there negative side effects? Citing particular instances, how have you matched the right style with the situation at hand? Discuss instances where your preferred style may not have been appropriate. What other styles would you consider testing and why.
  2. What types of influence do you tend to use? On reflection, how might you modify your influence approach to make it more effective?


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