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week 6 discussionCOLLAPSE

There are many types of disasters that our company can help you recover. The most common disasters we see are a loss of data, loss of services, loss of applications, natural disasters which destroys servers and data centers. Such disasters can cause financial crisis or even shut down of the company.

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Need responses 2 | Information Systems homework help
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Our company can help you recover fast from such disasters. The disaster causes the company to slow down, slow recovery can cause even more damage. First, the crucial applications of business are recovered so that the business will not stop. Consulting all the company’s stakeholders, creating a disaster-proof data does not make a company ready to face the disaster. The important step is training all the staff and sticking to regularly scheduled drills. It may look simple but it is tougher to execute.

For a smooth training, first, all the management and any other decision makers in the organization should agree to the training schedule. The importance of training should be conveyed to the staff. For example, in case of emergencies, if the staff needs to remain off-site and access any cloud services, the staff members should know how to use VPN. Employees should also be instructed on how to access any alternative communication during the disaster.

Training procedure:

The knowledge of the existence of a plan is not enough. Employees must be trained to protect and preserve the assets of the organization, including people. The training procedure focuses on creating awareness to the employee about his roles in the success of the continuity plan. The employee should also be aware of emergency response procedure which mitigates loses in a disaster event. The priority of events to follow prior to, during and after a disaster are explained to employees. Along with these, proper documentation should be given to the employees. Following this training procedure would decrease the impact of a disaster.

The training procedure can be rehearsed by creating a fake disaster. Our company will create a situation of fake disaster and employees would follow the procedures they learned in the training. By this way, we can find out if the employees are well trained or not. As the disaster recovery plan is updated often, our company supports it by providing scheduled training sessions. In these training sessions, employees are trained with the updated version of disaster recovery plan. And updated documentation will be provided.


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