Need someone with information technology background to do a paper.

Introduction to Cloud Computing Course

8 pages term paper on cloud computing

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Need someone with information technology background to do a paper.
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APA format with references

Some research books I have use are on Safari Books Online

The Cloud at Your Service:

Author: Jothy Rosenberg

ISBN: 978-1-935182-52-8


Cloud Computing Bible

Author: Barrie Sosinsky

ISBN: 978-1-935182-52-8


Silver Clouds, Dark Linings:

ISBN: 978-0-13-138869-7


Cloud Security and Privacy

Author: Tim Mather, Subra Kumaraswamy

ISBN: 978-0-596-80276-9

Thesis Statement:

Cloud computing is one of the most talked about technologies today and has great importance to an organizations because of the cost and computational promises it offers. Cloud computing benefits and drawbacks in regards to cost, data security and data availability in an organization can have by using it for implementation and management of their information system. How the an organization should keep in mind the cost and data security while adopting to cloud computing for the effective and efficient use of their network. Cloud computing have materially changed the way the data is collected, stored, and distributed. What is Cloud Clouding future?


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