Negotiation and conflict resolution(w7r2) | Computer Science homework help

Week 7 Discussion 2by Manohar Reddy – Friday, 5 October 2018, 10:38 PM 

Men and women negotiate differently. For example, Silva and Galbraith(2018) took an example of how there is a difference between men and woman negotiating salary. As more and more studies said women paid far less than men for the same job as women negotiate lower pay. Most of the salary negotiations are at the start of the job if you negotiate less at the start it is said that it will be less increment further your job (Elise & Quinn, 2018).

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Negotiation and conflict resolution(w7r2) | Computer Science homework help
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            The author conducted a survey for various hiring managers and women employees. It has resulted in women start negotiation less aggressively than men and most of the hiring managers knows that and don’t accept the negotiation (Elise & Quinn, 2018). As following this negotiation mostly depend upon individual character much more than gender. It is much as than studying other party and this will help in negotiating better for both men and women. Negotiations are much more depending on how a person study the other party and how a person uses various strategies to negotiate than gender (Eckel, Oliveira, & Grossman, 2008).

            If the pay concept is removed from the deal Grossman, Oliveria and Eckel (2008) state that women are much more successful than men. And women are much more responsive than men to close out the negotiation. The article also concludes that in negotiations stereotyping is done more often than not. These types of stereotyping affect the final decision depending on the situation. Even though there is stereotyping it is only a few situations there can part where negotiation depends upon negotiation methods (Eckel, Oliveira, & Grossman, 2008).

As my conclusion would be a lot of factors would depend on the negotiation like stereotyping, negotiation methods, the other party nut at the end the negotiation mostly depend upon the strategies than gender stereotyping.

Read the above discussion and write a response in 200 words using APA format. 


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