Netw 563 final exam wireless networks

NETW 563 Final Exam Wireless Networks

NETW 563 Final Exam

Multiple Choice: 8        

Essay: 8              

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Netw 563 final exam wireless networks
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Page: 1 Multiple Choice 

  1. Question: (TCO A) A wireless client network interface card performs each of the following tasks except
  2. Question: (TCO A) A _____ is a million hertz.
  3. Question: (TCO B) Cellular networks employ multiple ______ power transmitters.
  4. Question: (TCO C) _____ is a group of wireless devices that is served by a single access point (AP).
  5. Question: (TCO D) _____ is the expression often used to describe a work environment in which an employee can have continual access to the data that is needed for making decisions.
  6. Question: (TCO E) Guarding the availability of information is achieved by
  7. Question: (TCO F) Which type of statistic is measured by the GoS?
  8. Question: (TCO G) _____ provides users the freedom to roam beyond their home subnets while still maintaining their home IP addresses.

Page: 2 Essay

  1. Question: (TCO A) What is polarization, and why is it important to WLANs?
  2. Question: (TCO B) Explain how an IEEE 802.15.1 (Bluetooth) piconet functions.
  3. Question: (TCO C) Explain how power management functions on an infrastructure network.
  4. Question: (TCO D) What are the three considerations when installing and configuring an ad hoc network?

Page: 3 Essay

  1. Question: (TCO E) Explain how WEP violates the “cardinal rule” of cryptography.
  2. Question: (TCO E) What is a dictionary attack?
  3. Question: (TCO F) Blocked calls can be handled in two ways. Describe the two methods of handling blocked calls.
  4. Question: (TCO G) Describe the two types of RF amplifiers.


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