Network communication | Information Systems homework help

1. Provide a detailed information technology proposal for the ENTIRE Bamberger Case Study that describes how you would implement Identification and Authentication for each of the departments. The proposal must identify the specific reason (justification) found within the Case Study for your proposal. Example: How would you propose employees within the Legal department Identify and Authenticate differently from employees in the Engineering department? If you do not propose a different method explain why. You must provide specific description of you proposal solution. Example: Password length/complexity, Biometric Solution type, sensitivity, etc.

2.  Compare and contrast at least TWO access control models and identify why one would be more appropriate for the Bamberger Case Study.

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Network communication | Information Systems homework help
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3.  Identify one commercially available user Authorization solution and describe how this solution works. In your description you must identify what type of access control model this solution implements.

4.  Describe at least three commercially available technologies used for Auditing and describe how each works.


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