Network design for comp_science prof




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Network design for comp_science prof
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I need a2- to 4-page paper in APA format with labels for each section to include an introduction, main topic/body and sub-topics, and summary. Work must be 100% original and rate less than 10% in plagiarism checker. I will check results for less than 10% before final payment is made. This means most citations must be paraphrased so that they are not flagged by plagiarism checker because they are direct quotes.


Requirements for paper


  • Explain the network’s fundamental characteristics and components.
  • Evaluate the current network topology.
  • Describe the standards applicable to this project.


  • Integrate all locations with common wide area network (WAN) protocols.

  • Convert the administration networks in each plant to wireless local area networks (WLANs).

  • Bring voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) to the entire corporation, and decide on what protocols are needed in the satellite link between San Jose and China to support a symmetrical 10 megabits per second (Mbps) connection, real time required, with a quality of service equivalent to a circuit switched data link.


Requirements are for paper are based on the diagram below:nufacturing requirements into paper










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