“networks and mentoring” please respond to the following:


“Networks and Mentoring” Please respond to the following:

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“networks and mentoring” please respond to the following:
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Examine your own network then describe its diversity in terms of sex, race, ethnicity, and age. Next, based on what you have learned in the course so far, propose three (3) methods you can utilize to broaden or improve your existing network.



Go to The Business Journals Website and read the article titled “Mentoring Monday revisited: A bumper crop of wisdom for businesswomen,” located at http://www.bizjournals.com/bizwomen/news/latest-news/2014/04/mentoring-monday-revisited-a-bumper-crop-of-wisdom.html. Next, based on the textbook and article, evaluate the significant impact of gender on mentoring relationships. Next, give your opinion as to whether you would prefer a female or male mentor. Provide a rationale to justify your response.


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