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International business has become essential to the success of many companies big and small. Advancements with the Internet and updates in communication technology have made expansion into foreign markets easier than ever before. However, businesses still struggle with adjusting strategies to foreign cultures and traditions.

For this week’s assignment, a large business in your area is looking to expand into ChinaBrazilIndia, or Russia. You, being a management whiz, have been hired as an outside consultant to conduct research on the communication methods and professional expectations of this foreign country. You will then need to report back to the company and share what you’ve found.

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No plagiarism please | Business & Finance homework help
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It’s your choice on which country you’d like to research between ChinaBrazilIndia, or Russia. You only need to pick one. Also, you have your choice for the type of submission you’d like to send in. It can be a standard research paperPowerPoint presentation slides, or three fold brochures. The choice is up to you, but make sure your assignment at least covers the following:

Topics to be Addressed

  • Determine if the citizens of your chosen country prefer high or low context communication.
  • Provide an example that supports your claim.
    • Compare and contrast greetings and other nonverbal communication between the U.S and your chosen country.
    • Explain how business professionals in your chosen country feel about time. Are you expected to always be on time or is being late acceptable?
    • Include anything else of interest that your research has found and could impact communication during business with this country.


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