Nongovernmental or private organizations | Business & Finance homework help

Select and research a private or nongovernmental organization, such as the Commonwealth Fund, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, or the Rand Corporation. Write a report about the organization you select.

  1. Describe the organization’s mission. Relate its stated mission to its activities.
  1. Describe 3–5 important activities of the organization, particularly those relevant to healthcare policies affecting the delivery and accessibility of healthcare.
  1. Discuss the organization’s effectiveness in terms of influencing healthcare delivery and improving accessibility to healthcare services via the policies promulgated by the organization.

Write your report in a 5-page Word document formatted in APA style.

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Nongovernmental or private organizations | Business & Finance homework help
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Name your document as: LastnameFirstInitial_W2_A2.doc.
For example, if your name is John Smith, your document will be named SmithJ_W2_A2.doc.


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