Nur 531 week 2 scarce resources article

NUR 531 588 Week 2 Scarce Resources Article 

Influencing the Future of Nursing and Health Care

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Nur 531 week 2 scarce resources article
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University of Phoenix


Select an article that discusses the issue of scarce resources—nursing shortage, supply shortage, anticipated retirement, leadership succession, generational preferences, and so forth—and that suggests at least one strategy for addressing the problem.


Write a 350- to 700-word editorial response to the article, citing your agreements or disagreements and suggesting one new strategy to resolve the issue.


Plan to discuss your analysis in class. The following is a suggested outline for the assignment:


  • Define the issue.
  • Describe five influencing factors.
  • Cite the data from three or more sources to support the importance of the issue.
  • Address the challenges and consequences of not addressing the issue.
  • Propose a solution or innovation.
  • Define economic investment needed and why the lay public should join in these efforts.


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