Nurs 589 stats | Nursing homework help

 Paper must have a title page, your name, page numbering, references.
Length: 6-12 pages (not to exceed 12)


Use this discussion forum for any questions you have regarding this assignment.

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Nurs 589 stats | Nursing homework help
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1. select a research article from a medical/nursing research publication
(no magazine articles, no pilot studies)

2. Write a paper discussing this article, using what we learned in NURS 589

3. General structure:

a. Title page
b. Brief intro: describe the study; What is the “theory” of the study? What are they trying to show or investigate?
c. Brief variable background: what are they, how collected?
d. What decisions did the researchers make (if any) regarding the variables? Why did they include/exclude some variables (if any)?
e. What statistical tests were used? Why? Null Hypothesis?  Results? What are they actually measuring? Talk about this in actual terms. Show me what you learned this semester.
f. findings/conclusions
g. limitations
h. improvements suggested
i. references

Your guiding principle should be “SHOW ME WHAT YOU LEARNED” (the more you explain, rather than regurgitate, the better the paper).  You might also want to look at the questions we answered for our online classes.  This is the type of discussion I’m looking for in your paper.  DO NOT SIMPLY REGURGITATE FINDINGS. 


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