Nursing/ maternity nr327 | Nursing homework help

   Answer the following 7 questions:

1) What are the nursing considerations when administering Pitocin to a client for labor augmentation?

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Nursing/ maternity nr327 | Nursing homework help
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2) When else may we use Pitocin and why?

3) What are some non-pharmacologic methods of providing pain relief/support?

4) When admitting a new patient in labor, what the key labs and physical/psychosocial assessment information that are needed to provide the best care for a patient?

5) What assessments are needed when assessing APGAR on Newborn?


 Indicator 0 points 1 point 2 points:






6) What are the signs of hypoglycemia in newborn?

7) What are the risk factors for hypoglycemia in newborn?


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