Nutrition, a path to health or chronic disease

Nutrition, a Path to Health or Chronic Disease

Writea 50- to 100-word response to the following:

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Nutrition, a path to health or chronic disease
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1     Describe how children’s nutrient needs change as they grow. 

2.   Discuss how children’s eating habits develop. 

3.   Explain the impact of diet and lifestyle during childhood on the risk of chronic disease



1.   Describe how puberty affects growth and body composition. 

2.   Compare the energy needs of adolescents with those of children and adults. 

3.   Explain why iron and calcium are of particular concern during the teen years. 

4.   Use MyPlate to plan a day’s diet that would appeal to a teenager.



1  Distinguish life expectancy from healthy life expectancy. 

2.   Compare the energy and nutrient requirements of older and younger adults. 

3.   Discuss how the physical, mental, and social changes of aging increase nutritional risks. 

4.   Plan a diet for a sedentary 80-year-old woman, based on MyPlate recommendations.


1.   Define moderate alcohol consumption. 

2.   Explain how alcohol is absorbed and metabolized. 

3.   Describe the short- and long-term problems of excess alcohol consumption. 

4.   Discuss the potential benefits of moderate alcohol consumption


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