Oe case study paper | Computer Science homework help

 Week 5 case paper: Recommendations

Continuing your work with your organization(assume you are a software engineer/developer working for a company like BestBuy or Facebook or Amazon or pick your own example company), for week 5 research best practices for operational excellence based on the course readings. In your paper for this week include the following:

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Oe case study paper | Computer Science homework help
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– Identify and justify 2 specific recommendations you have for the organization
– Provide an outline for a change management plan to implement your 2 recommendations
– Discuss your plan for working with the people who will be involved or impacted by your recommendations
– Conclude with your thoughts on the expected benefits or outcomes after implementing your recommended changes

Write your responses to these questions in a 2-3 page APA-formatted paper (not including the cover page or references page). Use unique in-text headings for each question–do not re-state the questions as the headings. Support your responses with citations in your paper that match the references provided.


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