Only for bhawikjain” python 2


As defined on pp. 449 to 468 in Ch. 17, “Object-Oriented Programming,” of Introduction to Computing and Programming in Python, a Turtle is an object from the class Turtle with the following features:

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Only for bhawikjain” python 2
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  • Every turtle understands the same methods.
  • Every turtle has the same fields or instance variables.
  • Every turtle has a heading, body color, pen color, and X and Y position.

Yet, each turtle can have its own values for these fields.

Develop a script containing three new methods for the Turtle class as follows:

  • Add a method to the Turtle class to draw a rectangle given a certain width and height.
  • Add a method to the Turtle class to draw a simple house. It can have a rectangle for the house and an equilateral triangle as the roof.
  • Add a method to the Turtle class to draw a street of houses.

Submit the copied and pasted code into a document and include a screen shot of it working on your own computer system.


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