Operating early childhood programs module 3 week 6 project


Module 3 Project

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Operating early childhood programs module 3 week 6 project
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Course Project: Curriculum Model or Approach

In Chapter 12 of your course text, the authors classify curriculum models into four different categories based on the primary focus of each approach. In 1 paragraph, identify and describe which curriculum model or approach you would implement at your child development center, explaining why you think this would be the best approach for the children in your center. As described in the Chapter 12, possibilities include curricula that focus on the following:

  • Individual child’s specific skills
  • Physical and social context
  • Content or concepts (e.g., thematic approach; project approach)
  • Reggio Emilia approach

Then, using the sample plans displayed in Figures 12.4 and 12.5 as a guide, create your own weekly activity plan for one age group based upon your chosen curriculum model or approach and learning topics of your choice. You may use the Weekly Activity Plan Template found in this module’s Learning Resources to record your activity plan. Keep in mind that you can alter this template as necessary to meet the needs of your age group, curriculum model, and planned activities.

Due by Day 7 of Week 6.


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