Organization evaluation assignment | English homework help

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Organization Evaluation Paper:
You will evaluate the communication within a current, real-world organization or team based on your own observation of that organization/team. Find a current organization, on-going group or functioning task team outside of this class that you are not currently a member of and which will permit you to observe some of their naturally-occurring communication. (This means you can’t create a group just for this assignment).   A few suggestions are a commercial organization, an established volunteer organization, a religious or political organization or an educational organization. Data collection may be 1 or 2 meetings or a few weeks of interaction within the group. The observations need to be current. Do not rely on past experiences, knowledge, or memory.

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Organization evaluation assignment | English homework help
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Write a dense, concise (make every word count) one-two page memo to the head of the organization stating your recommendations for improving communication. Memo.docxPreview the documentView in a new window

-write the memo to me as the head of the organization

– in the “Re” section tell me the name of the organization you observed.
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– use class concepts to evaluate the organization’s communication (you are not an expert and need to use the book and maybe other sources to support your evaluation and recommendations).  You could use any chapter but may want to focus on chapters 10 and 11.

– give specific description of what kind of communication you saw in the organization (effective/ineffective)

– focus on one pattern or feature of the group’s communication and consider ways it can be changed to make it better

– give specific descriptions of your communication recommendations

– cite research from the text or other communication studies that would support your recommendations. Why should the organization adopt your recommendations?

– Include bibliography/references (APA format).


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