Original work only! | CIS 433 Software Architecture Techniques | Strayer University



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Original work only! | CIS 433 Software Architecture Techniques | Strayer University
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1. “UML and OMG” Please respond to the following:

Identify the benefits that UML brings to the software development industry. Speculate UML’s development and its future influence in the IT world. Give an example on how a company can benefit from using UML and OMG.

2. “Change Adaptation” Please respond to the following:

Imagine you work as an IT professional for a midsized company. Describe a change (i.e., a change of process, system, technique) pertaining to an IT project, and determine how you would adopt the change to maximize the organization’s benefits and minimize the negative change impacts.

Analyze why adaptation is the core value of Agile development. Provide an example to support your response.

3. “Barriers vs. Opportunities” Please respond to the following:

Identify two projects from prior work experience or educational experience that could have benefited from using Agile methodology. Explain how the use of Agile methods would have improved the management of these two projects. 

Determine the barrier(s) of using Agile methodology in your chosen projects from Part 1 of this discussion. Speculate on what you would do to overcome the barrier(s).


“Amazon” Please respond to the following:

From the e-Activity, determine the scalability challenges presented to the developers due to the changes of Amazon’s architecture. Knowing the changes Amazon made later on, explain what it could have done to make the system more scalable.

Identify at least two (2) components and two (2) connectors that were not in Amazon’s initial architecture. Give your opinion as to whether or not the missing components and connectors would have resulted in the same challenges that were presented to the developers later on. Analyze how the missing components and connectors can be detected; additionally, recommend strategies to mitigate the issues of Amazon’s initial architecture design.

5.  “Modeling” Please respond to the following:

Identify at least two (2) other industries besides software development that employ modeling in a similar fashion. Explain why these industries employ modeling. 

Compare and contrast the models used in software development to the models used in the industries you identified in Part 1 of this discussion. Include example(s) to support your response.


6. It’s critical to understand all the factors that make a customer a good candidate to buy your product. First take a look at this product, the new iphone X, cost: $1,000.

Now, try to figure out who the IDEAL customer is for this product. Assess as many different factors as you can think of. Who are they? You can evaluate all of the following: race, gender, education level, income level, where do they live (urban vs rural), what motivates them? How many kids do you think they have? Figure out the perfect customer and tell me why these factors might influence them to buy the iphone X.

Next, come up with a brief marketing pitch 2-3 sentences trying to persuade the target customer this phone is the perfect for him/her. Then discuss why you think this marketing message is the correct message for your specified target market in the above bullet.


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