Osteoporosis | Nursing homework help

 Presentation about osteoporosis with twelve slides in a PowerPoint format with a Reference List in APA format. 


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Osteoporosis | Nursing homework help
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1- Presents the case including CC, HPI, Hx, ROS and PE findings concisely  

2- List possible differential diagnosis with supporting/excluding criteria. 

3- What labs or tests are typically ordered concerning this condition? What results should the Does NP expect to see with this diagnosis? 

4- What medications are typically prescribed for this condition? List specific drugs, starting doses, dose ranges, precautions to keep in mind when prescribing these drugs. 

 5- What are the outcomes expected or unexpected for this specific condition? Moreover, What patient outcomes will trigger a referral? 

 6- Provide patient teaching materials specific to their condition  


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