Outlines of strategic marketing plan

Who is Pilotimos?


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Outlines of strategic marketing plan
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Pilotimos Enterprises Pty Ltd was formed on 13 Jan 2014 with support from ANZ and Macquarie banks has approx. 15 Million of assets, debt 3.3 M. It is family business and has 3 related entities. It is an asset value manager and it both owns and own and operates. Where it owns assets it use the most cost-effective approach to manage and outsources based on value chain analysis.

In its first quarter of operation a profit of $50,000 with start-up costs for incorporation and funding covered. A ROE of 18% is expected and achievable for fiscal 2014.

The intention is to float within 3 years. Its operational structure is:



The CEO is also treasurer on Strata. The Building has Strata and Club. Mantras manage under agreement only 171 of 233 apartments. Other operators (Accom 13, Altavilla 9 and Private operations[19] and 21 permanent residents.

The focus is now on risk management for seasonality and methods for improving tours and conferences are being examined. Please note the clubs hours of operations do not suit 24*7 food supply. While a supply option exist the menu would need significant work as guest have complained when tried room service from the club.


Main Assignment- MA512/GA512


In groups develop a marketing plan for the re-market entry to tour package market for the Mantra Ettalong (51-53 The Esplanade Ettalong Beach NSW 2257) including the option of opening a “pilotimos pool store and 24/7 room service supply”. The strategic drivers underlying strategy are smooth seasonality and average occupancy improvement.


Commence your individual situation analysis using a template provided. A tutorial on it, Harvard case method and partial complete situation analysis will be provided in week 3.

The marketing plan will also have to consider the supply and servery issues ie the area and need to be open 6am till 10 pm with limited cooking within the hotel itself.


Please note the club and some external restaurants have undertaken food supply, but it has failed twice due to willingness on part of club to provide breakfast until 8 am, poor taste matches for largely Asian customers and in both cases no consideration of the full marketing mix.


An excursion will advised for after situation analysis is complete. At the excursion, the normal lecture will occur on premise with site visit and key staff available for limited interview.


The industry is tourism, number 3 on NS               W  key strategic growth drivers.











Business studies provide students with the opportunity to analyse specific marketing problems

and present a recommended marketing solution. This activity will involve three stages (tasks)

and provides students with the opportunity to develop a functional marketing plan.  

Required to prepare an outline for a strategic marketing plan. Students are

expected to undertake additional research on what template or format may be most suitable for

the chosen product or service (a good starting point would be the Strategic marketing

management process outlined in Reed and supplement materials on Moodle).


Students must produce a succinct outline of no more than 500 words , outlining a brief

introduction of the industry Tourism , a brief company( Pilotimos Enterprises Pty Ltd)  analysis, and finally an outline of the specific headings to be used in your marketing plan

Must give  References: APA referencing Style




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