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Paper 3 | Education homework help
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You will be writing a paper about one of these scenarios, or a slight variation thereof:  chosen question


  1. You are expecting your first baby and are thinking about sleeping arrangements. You have heard of the concept of “the family bed” and are considering having the baby sleep with you and your spouse.


Part 3:


In 5-7 pages describe your action plan for dealing with your chosen Lot in Life. It should be written in 1st person and should discuss the specific actions that you will take.  As part of your solution you should contact at least two local community agencies (preferably not just Web sites) that can help provide information, training, or support for the problem. Include specifics on how to contact the agency, what services they have available, and how much these services cost, and any other information you think is relevant. 


Describe any obstacles or challenges that may prevent your plan of action from being successful.


Conclude your paper with a reflection of why you chose this particular Lot in Life to study, and how your research of the topic has influenced your views of parenting.


Your paper should has a cover sheet that lists your name, UMUC,the BEHS section number, the scenario you have chosen (not the number), and finally, whether or not the Lot in Life is true or not true for you.












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