Paper has to be 4 to 7 pages (times new roman 12, double spaced).

Paper has to be 4 to 7 pages (times new roman 12, double spaced). Not including exhibits and bibliography.
Company to analyze: UBS
-introduce company, position company in its specific market/industry, compare it to other companies in same industry-evaluate financial results for the last 3 years (or 5, if one wants to do it right at the beginning of the recession) -calculating ratios-how are they doing now (current results, performance)-future? what do you think the company will do or what will happen-include specific examination to good corporate governance (do they respect it??)1)explicitly express the commitment to corporate governance (mission statement, etc)2)CEO+CFO must approve it3)sometimes freud happens by just not respectig the exact words used in their corporate governance statements (have to be careful)4)determine wether they mean it or not, does it benefit the shareholders or the management?-explicitly reccomend on wether it’s a good investment or not (is the stock price very high, will it be worth it in the future?)-EXPRESS OPINIONS
COMMENTS:-The paper can go over 7 pages but the content has to be signficative, not boring nor repetitive-The references (links) must be copied exactly with the entire URL not only for example at least 3 references (include UBS website, current events, etc etc)-In the exhibits include ratios for the 3 or 5 years (Current Ratio, Quick ratio, Net working capital, Inventory Turnover, average collection period/days sales outstanding (use 360 days not 365), total asset turover, fixed asset turnover, debt ratio, debt to equity, time interest earned, ROS (return on sale), ROA (return on assets), ROE (return on equity), gross profit margin, operating profit margin-in mentioning something in the paper from a reference include it as a footnote or between parenthesis

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Paper has to be 4 to 7 pages (times new roman 12, double spaced).
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