Third Edition of the Hackers Playbook by Peter Kim

Discipline: Computer science

Type of Paper: Essay (any type)

Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 1-2)

Paper Format: APA

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The paper "Third Edition of the Hacker’ s Playbook by Peter Kim " is a wonderful example of an assignment on information technology. Third Edition of the Hacker’ s Playbook Findings report is a new edition analogous to previous reports that gave organizations trends from an attacker’ s point of view. The report is based on actual deployments in actual clienteles. The report represented anonymized data executed in environments of real production that included up to 100 networks on-premise and cloud deployments. Proactive models for risk prevention from SafeBreach offer precious data that help security and risk managers in risk reduction.   Breach attach simulation involves simulating attacks or safely simulating breaches in production.

These are real attacks that attackers use to get into networks a get data out across the clouds, networks and endpoints. Once these attacks are simulated, the customers can prioritize the results of those attacks. They then identify and visualize where attacks are successful and identify key areas to break the kill chain while taking actions to remediate fixes. Remediation happens through going to security controllers by integrating with ticketing systems that not only get the problem solved but also works to automate the solution.