Paragraph needed (please read assigmnent description)

Need someone that has read the book (Disgrace Novel by John Maxwell Coetzee)

and is willing to read(New York Times article “Out of South Africa,” ).

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Paragraph needed (please read assigmnent description)
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Prompt: After reading the novel Disgrace and then the New York Times article “Out of South Africa,” consider which side you’ll take in the controversy surrounding this author. Although he does not tell us Melanie’s race, later in the novel the protagonist calls her “the dark one.” Is J. M. Coetzee’s novel more about power struggles or the tensions between races?


1- Directly and completely post a response to the prompts in a minimum of 200 words or write as much as necessary to answer the prompt.
2- Use standard American English grammar and spelling,  with adequate sentence structure, correctly punctuating, capitalizing, and spelling.


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