*part ii (not more than 4 pages): i. job title of social worker

*Part II (not more than 4 pages):

        i.            Job title of social worker (interviewee)

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*part ii (not more than 4 pages): i. job title of social worker
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      ii.            List the qualifications he/she needed to be hired in his/her position

    iii.            In not more than two sentences, describe his/her job responsibilities

    iv.            Based on his/her job responsibilities (described above), identify the social work role (e.g., enabler, broker, advocate, etc., or combination of roles) he/she plays

      v.            Describe the population he/she serves

    vi.            Describe at least three skills he/she uses to work with the population (described above)

  vii.            Describe the level of social work (micro, mezzo, macro, or combination of levels) at which he/she  practices and describe the specific activities he/she performs (e.g., casework, case management, group therapy, family therapy, community organizing, administration, or combination of activities) 


viii.            Discuss some of the problems and benefits of his/her social work experiences


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