Peer responses | English homework help

  • PEER RESPONSES: You need to respond to at least 3 classmates by Sunday, March 28. Respond in the text box to all of the below questions (or by uploading a PDF with your responses). You will not be completing a rubric for this peer reviews. No late feedback!


Use the questions below to provide feedback to at least 3 students:

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Peer responses | English homework help
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  1. How does the introduction begin? (a quote, a story, shocking statistic, other) Does it work well? If not, make suggestions.
  2. How would you describe the style or mood of the introduction? Is it appropriate for an academic essay?
  3. Does the introduction gradually introduce the topic, then the problem, before getting to the thesis? If not, how could it be improved? (One exception is if a shocking statistic/quote is used as a hook)
  4. What problem is the writer going to write about in his/her essay? Is it focused on something that could be deeply covered in a research paper?
  5. Is it clear why this problem significant or important, according to the writer?
  6. How complete is the introduction – does it need to be longer or shorter (should be at least 1 page, but not over 2)?
  7. Is it obvious that the writer has a thorough plan for the essay, or does the introduction sound like a very rough overview with no clear focus? 


  1. Is “the problem” clearly stated and described in this section?
  2. Is the problem narrowed enough so that it could be fully discussed in one essay? If it’s too big, give suggestions to focus it more.
  3. Does the writer provide support (sources/quotes/evidence) for the information given about the problem? 
    If so: Is the support adequately used, or does it go off-topic? Is support over-used so that there are more quotes than the writer’s words? Are quotes properly integrated with “quote sandwiches”?
    If there is no support: suggest areas that need more evidence/support from other sources.
  4. How complete is this section of the research paper – does it need to be longer or shorter? (Should be about 3+ pages in the final essay)
    Remember: essay 3 must be 8+ pages total, not counting the Works Cited.
  5. Do you feel that the paper gives you a thorough overview of the problem, the people/places/etc. affected, as well as details about the problem? In other words, does it prove that this problem is a problem?
  6. Again, be honest: Is it obvious that the writer has done research on the problem at this stage of the paper? Are you convinced this is a research essay, or is this just a “plan”? Give feedback on how complete this part of the paper is, and what else is still needed.
  7. Give feedback on any editing, style, or MLA errors in the essay, and include specific examples of at least a couple if you find any.


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