Personal dialogue proposal | Reading homework help

Part 1 is all of the work in preparation for dialoguing. This is the part to think through the people, the topic, the agreements for engaging with one another, and preparing dialogic questions. Your proposal will be turned in for feedback from your instructors before conducting the dialogue itself. Check out the rubric with what we want to see: Personal Dialogue Proposal Rubric.pdf预览文档 

I also added this grading sheet to Canvas to show you the breakdown of points and added a few more details about the length of reflection I’m looking for:

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Personal dialogue proposal | Reading homework help
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CANVAS Grade Sheet for Personal Dialogue Proposal.pdf预览文档 

Here is an example of past work:

**You can choose to write this however you want. I’m also open to this being done visually as well if you’re more called to do the assignment that way


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