Personas | Computer Science homework help


Objective: System Design / User requirements will be conducted using the persona template found in the Ch. 10-Personas slides (Ch10-Personas.pdf

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Personas | Computer Science homework help
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Actions) to create 2 distinct personas. When designing systems, it is important to give conscientious thought to who your users are and how they will use the system. In particular, you will want to pay attention to the new functionality / design that your users will interact with. Although the template provided is available, feel free to use your own creativity in this space and you are not required to go with this format.

Format: MS Word Document with embedded personas and short descriptions for each persona.  (Links to an external site.)

Note: Single PowerPoint slides can be exported as JPG/PNG, which are easily uploaded to CI Learn. Feel free to use (Links to an external site.) or the included template (Files -> Term Project -> Requirements

Actions Gathering) to create your personas. 


Tip 1: Constructing personas is a requirements gathering exercise, similar to Blog 2. Meaning, you want to identify who your users are, what their needs are and how your design can satisfy those needs.

Tip 2: Identify 2 different types of users for your system. My goal is to redesign SocialXYZ, so I might create a persona to represent a Student and another to represent an Instructor. I do this because these two users will likely have different needs for my system.

Tip 3: Make your personas as close to your target demographic as possible. Remember, the persona is not a single user but an archetype, or representation of many users who share similar needs. In my case, I might want to target a traditional college junior, who I named Mack Stringer, who is 21, lives on campus and is a Computer Science major. 

Tip 3: Next, you will want to flesh out your persona so it appears as a generalized, but specific user of your system, with goals and background information that directly link to the goals and background of your system. For example, Mack, may use social networking technologies such as Facebook, Instagram and Snap, but has never used them for professional or academic reasons. However, Mack sees that it may be useful to find other users who are working part-time and are CS majors. Therefore, he might want to use SocialXYZ to initiate study groups or attend CS seminars. 

Tip 4: The final Box, labelled Project Goals, are specific design considerations you make that meet the needs of your persona. In my example, I want to redesign SocialXYZ to incorporate geolocation services to allow Mack to locate other CS majors on campus. 


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