Phi paper | Reading homework help

Guidelines for the Short Paper:


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Phi paper | Reading homework help
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Content:  The content of the paper will center on the three acts of the mind.  


If you have declared a major, give specific details about how the three acts of the mind will relate to learning your major, and to working in your chosen career field.    


If you have NOT declared a major, write regarding how the three acts of the mind will help you decide what major to pursue.  


Evaluation:  This instructor expects that the writing done in this course will meet certain standards.  Students will incorporate Standard English usage, punctuation, grammar, and the like.  Do not use slang terms or the “Urban Dictionary.”  No text or IM abbreviations are to be used whatsoever.  


I will look for The Three Acts of the Mind – Simple Apprehension, Judgment, and Reasoning to be used, and used correctly.  If they are not, appropriate deductions will be made.  



The applicable sections of the Writing Intensive Course grading rubric will be used for the final paper.  This rubric follows.


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