Phl 215 (philosophy methods & application)version-5 week 3 complete

PHL 215 (Philosophy Methods and Applications)

Week 3

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Phl 215 (philosophy methods & application)version-5 week 3 complete
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Week 3 DQ 1

With which metaphysical philosopher do you most identify? Why? (Before you answer this question, make sure that the philosopher of your choice actually worked in metaphysics).

Week 3 DQ 2

Is the scientific method the only legitimate way to investigate reality?

Week 3 DQ 3

Can one logically believe both that God knows everything and that there is free will? Explain the difficulty.


Week 3 Assignment:

PHL 215 Week 3 LT (Assignment Epistemology & Metaphysics Schools Paper =2000 Words)


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