Phyllis young supply chain case

Case Assignment

Welcome to the second case study for this course.

Assignment: Please read the article below (available through ProQuest), then in a 3-4 page paper discuss the article and integrated supply chains.

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Phyllis young supply chain case
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Assignment Expectations

The authors of the article do a pretty good job of explaining the concept but I would like you to tell me what they mean in your own words. What is an integrated supply chain? What are the key elements/challenges in an integrated supply chain? What are the specific benefits to firms that implement superior supply chain management?Write a 3-4 page paper, using the same format as module one.

Integrated supply chains to be explored Alan Johnson. Manufacturers’ Monthly. Sydney: May 2007. pg. 24. Available in the Trident Online Library.

“The key challenge is to integrate supply chain capabilities to provide a seamless solution from potential design through to end delivery. End users are looking for a complete supply chain where there is single accountability and responsibility for delivery,” said O'[Brien].


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