Phyllismwangi handshake for organizational behavior research paper

The research paper must follow basic APA 6th edition style guidelines as adopted by NAU. Additional details relative to APA style, formatting your paper, and research paper writing are available through this link: Before actually writing the paper, drafting an outline will help to organize your thoughts and the actual writing of the paper.

1. The paper must be a minimum of 8 to 10 content pages in length. The title page, attachments, appendices, and reference pages are not included in the content page requirement.

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Phyllismwangi handshake for organizational behavior research paper
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2. Choose a specific subject related to a topic of interest in the course. The subject must first be approved by your Instructor.

3. The font should be 12-point Times New Roman.

4. The first paragraph after the title page is usually the abstract. This paragraph is not indented, and is generally about 150 to 200 words. Because the abstract is a brief summary of your paper, it might be easier to write it last.

5. The next paragraph, which needs to be started on a new page (page 3), is the beginning of your introduction to the paper. The introduction should include your thesis statement. The thesis statement should present a brief, accurate tour of the paper as well as why it is being written. The thesis statement should be limited to five sentences or less.

6. The body of your paper should support the thesis presented in the introductory paragraph. This is where your discussion takes place and it is where you will present your research findings, review cited works, and argue your case.

7. The last few paragraphs or paragraph form the conclusion of the paper. The conclusion is your summary. Try and briefly tie your facts and arguments together, focusing on the main points of your paper. Explain how your research is important and if applicable, how it might affect the reader.

8. The last page of the paper is the Reference page. All of the resources used must be cited. You will need to list at least 6. All but one of the references need to be from a scholarly journal or juried site.For further information on what is a juried site go to

9. Review your paper for appropriate grammar, punctuation, and spelling before submitting it to your Instructor.




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