Plato’s republic book report | Reading homework help


This homwork is about writing a Book Report on the whole book —  Plato’s Republic in the form of a MLA term paper. 

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Plato’s republic book report | Reading homework help
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From experience, I’d prefere someone who has read this book (Plato’s Republic) to do this assignment but if you feel you’re capable enough to meet my strict deadline, you can apply to do this assignment


For the records, below are the directions for the book report. Please, NO EXCEPTIONS!


This paper must be in MLA (Modern Language Association) format. 


Title page: Write against the left margin, starting one inch from the top of the paper and double space:




Instructor Name


Course number




                         Title of the Paper


Bibliographic entry: Author name, title of work, place or city of publication, publisher, date.


Parenthetic documentation within the paper: (Author last name, page number of citation)


P.S. This paper will be evaluated on the extent to which you meet the following criteria:


Correct use of resources, citations, references


Overall organization


Correct use of English, grammar and spelling


Accurate reporting content of the book reviewed


Understanding of the important points of the book reviewed


Critical evaluation of the work



Any questions? Send me a message.



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