Please answer two of the three questions. history

Answer two of the three questions. 


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Please answer two of the three questions. history
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1. Citing appropriate primary sources, discuss the reasons for Martin Luther’s break with the Catholic Church and his “radical” views on the role of the Papacy, the road to salvation, and the special nature of the priesthood.


2. Niccolo Machiavelli, author of “The Prince”, is considered to be the first modern political theorist.  Why is Machiavelli considered the first modern political observer and discuss his ideas on the relationship between the Prince and God; the importance of honesty in the Prince’s activities, and the meaning of the phrase “The end justifies the means”.


3. Bishop Bossuet and Thomas Hobbes believe that countries must be governed by a strong king or monarch.  However, they reach their conclusions using different methods of thought.  Compare and contrast the arguments used by Bossuet and Hobbes in reaching their conclusions.



Answers must be in essay form and well written, hard grader.


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