Plot and dialogue | English homework help

1. Plot assignment

Now it’s time to put some of these ideas into action.  Start with your 12 year old boy (attached below My character called Yarson Ding ).  Invent a plot that involves him.  You should use a plot arc with an inciting incident (something that happens to alter the trajectory of his life), rising action (a series of plot points/things that happen to him), and a final climax with a confrontation and resolution.  Develop at least 20 plot points.  Write them in bullet point form.  Label the inciting incident and climax.  You might label Acts I, II, and III as well. It is worth 10 points and will be graded on demonstration of rising action, correct labels, and creativity.  

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Plot and dialogue | English homework help
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2. Dialogue Assignment 

Write a dialogue between your character and the one you’ve chosen. ( Yarson Ding and James) Think about how you can reveal the psychological make-up of your character in the dialogue.  What does the scene do to advance the story?  Once you’ve written your dialogue, share it with the members of your team.  his short assignment is worth 10 points and will be evaluated on correct formatting, oral style, and how it reflects the character.

These two assignments are two individual parts, and they do not need to relate to on another. 


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