Political cartoon anaysis | English homework help


Please analyze political cartoon by using an analyzing tool. Tell me which tool you use.

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Political cartoon anaysis | English homework help
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4 pages + cited work

Questions to consider:

Have you written an analysis and not a summary?

Have you introduced the analytic principle?

That would be the analytic tool you are using.

Have you applied that analytic tool carefully and systematically?

Does your analysis reveal nonobvious insights into the behavior or object? 

Does your analysis interest you? If not, then why are doing it?  Choose something else.

I have attached the political cartoon and sample, please see it below.

**Here are some analytical tools for analyzing political cartoons:




please see this video to How to Analyze a Political Cartoon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNkJNNuxsuQ

The link for the political cartoon:


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