Political science 500 words and 600 words

  1. Part A: Short Answers: 100 words maximum for each answer
    Answer all five questions. Each of these questions could easily be the subject of a lengthy essay. Focus on what is most important. Provide an example where it will help illustrate your point. (50 points; 10 points each; minus 1⁄2 point if over 100 words; minus 1 point over 120 words).
    1. How does the bureaucratic politics model of foreign policy making differ from the organizational process model?
    2. What is prospect theory, and what are its implications for explaining foreign policy?
    3. What is the relationship between negotiation and coercion?
    4. What are the dangers of a policy of deterrence or coercion?
    5. In what ways is “asymmetric conflict” asymmetric?

Part B: Essay: 600 words maximum
Answer only ONE of the questions. Be sure that you have an argument, and that what you write supports it. Use examples where they will help. You do not have enough space to tell us everything you know, so think carefully about what is most important. (50 points; minus 3 points over 600 words; minus 6 points over 650 words)

International Politics: Power and Purpose in Global Affairs 5th Ed. (Boston: Cengage, 2020)page1image44843200 page1image44853952 page1image44853760

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Political science 500 words and 600 words
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1. 2. 3.

Evaluate the democratic peace theory. What are the most compelling arguments for and against it?

How are international organizations changing the practice of international politics? Do they represent a fundamental force, or simply a minor detail?

In what way might war be a rational policy, even if it is very costly? Discuss a case in which a costly war can be seen as a rational policy.


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