Portugal in africa | History homework help

In this SAS Curriculum Pathways Web Lesson you will directed to web sites necessary to complete the assigned activity designed to help you examine and analyze Portuguese exploration in Africa.

To begin, follow this link to Web Lesson 592. If prompted, enter “melody9off” in the Student User Name then click “log in” to begin. (quick launch #592).

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Portugal in africa | History homework help
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Download and save the handout “Into Africa” or copy the content into a word processing program on your computer to complete the questions. You may use PowerPoint to construct your timeline and map.


When finished, combine your completed handout questions, timeline, and map into one item to submit. (For example, if you prepare the timeline and map in PowerPoint, copy and paste your answers from the handout into a text box on a slide in the PowerPoint file and submit that.)



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