Pos 371 (programming concepts) week 5 complete a+ graded

POS 371 ( Programming Concepts)


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Pos 371 (programming concepts) week 5 complete a+ graded
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Week 5

Week 5 DQ 1

 How is recursion and iteration used in programming? Provide examples of the various types of recursion and iteration and explain why each is used.


Week 5 DQ 2

 Based on Sokolov’s (2007) article, discuss techniques for reducing array and other programming errors. Which technique do you believe is the most beneficial? Explain.


Week 5 DQ 3

 Based on McCabe’s (2007) article, discuss issues related to the backup of various data types. How can these issues be minimized?


Week 5 Assignments:


POS 371 Week 5 Assignment Pseudo – code (Old West animation)

POS 371 Week 5 Team Assignment Old West Animation.a2w

POS 371 Week 5 Team Assignment PowerPoint Project.pptx

POS 371 Week 5 Summary.


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