Practical excercise | Nursing homework help


Practical Exercise

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Practical excercise | Nursing homework help
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Word Processing

1. Develop a flyer where you are selling ONE PERSONAL ITEM.

a. Do not make it into a store or anything else. You are selling ONE item only


2. You must use WORD ART for the title of the flyer.

a. You choose your title

3. Include all necessary information – time, date, place, etc. 

a. Make up this information, but keep it realistic

b. Be thorough, make the people want to come to the opening.

c. Keep it short but accurate and to the point

4. The following elements MUST ALSO BE INCLUDED:

a. Images (2 or more images)

i. Do not use your image as the background of a page.

b. Modify the images

i. Use effects

ii. Use styles…

c. At least 1 Text Box(es)

d. Page Border

e. Footer 

i. must include your name and student ID#

f. Must fit on 1 page

g. Page Properties

i. Your Name


iii. Tags (use 3 or more keywords separated by commas)

1. Tags should be words that describe the document, not the number of the assignment or your initials.

5. Save your flyer as yourname_P1.

i. Upload the assignment when complete.

6. Be Creative !!!!


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