Preschool pe ppt | Education homework help


Attached you will find a document titled Physical Activity Toolkit for Preschool-Aged Children, published by the California Department of Public Health. To begin, review this document carefully.

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Preschool pe ppt | Education homework help
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Once you are familiar with the contents, imagine you are the lead teacher in a preschool and need to train the other teachers in your school on appropriate physical activity for their classrooms. You will need to create a PowerPoint to be used for this training. The presentation should include the following sections:

1) Recommendations for time spend on physical activity (at least five slides)

2) Standards and goals associated with preschool physical activity (at least 5 slides)

3) Planning and scheduling (at least 4 slides)

4) A physical activity policy for your preschool (1 slide-develop at least one paragraph according to the guidelines in the toolkit)

All slides should have pictures that are relevant to the content. Please be sure not to copy and paste from the toolkit-put everything your own words to the fullest extent possible.


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