Presentation + writing | English homework help

Hi. I need a PowerPoint presentation + written page about the following:

Topic: Identifying Potential Problems.

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Presentation + writing | English homework help
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** Part (1) Presentation Part “Must be PowerPoint slides”

– Describe at least 5 problems or challenges that you may encounter while working in a group. Provide at least 2 strategies for success for each of the problems or challenges you described.

** Part (2) Writing Part “1 – 1.5 Page is enough about the following”

1) Brief summary of the student success issue. 

2) Brief summary of success strategies and solutions that will assist the student; in addition to strategies that will overcome the student’s resistance to support.

3) Brief summary of what you have learned throughout this experience and how it relates to your unique college experience.  

4) Brief summary of how you will facilitate an engaging class discussion. (Include specific examples of discussion questions that will be posed to the class.)

5) Works cited list for the references used for the project (websites etc).


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